To ferment food yourself is the door to a better health: you are getting lots of probiotics and prebiotics, which help you to have a better balance in your life. They have a great impact on your digestion, your immune system, your mood and even more.

There is a lot we can ferment... maybe everything?! Several foods and drinks we consume are in fact fermented or used to be fermented by our ancestors. Many recipes from all around the world are easy to use at home, for the happiness of our taste buds, our belly, and more generally our body and our mind.


We have various courses with different themes because there is so much to learn! You do not need to follow them in order. You can for example start with number 3, then 1, then 4...

During the course, you will taste different variations of each good, you will see and learn how to make it yourself at home and you will get recipes you can try at home. As well, a starter culture will be given to you.

See you soon!