Thursday 24th August


Thursday 24th August

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Vegan and gluten free meal, delivered to your door.


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SAVE YOUR TIME - We know how life is busy and how relieving it is to not have to think about making a meal once in a while (or maybe often!). That's why we want to give you a hand by delivering freshly made and healthy meals to your home .

OUR STYLE - Our menus are handmade and 100% organic. We follow the season and select local ingredients as much as possible. Freshness, quality and taste is highly important to us.

NUTRITION - Each meal is composed of a raw salad and a main dish and is balanced in nutrition, amount and taste. Proteins and vegetables are at the core of our cuisine. We do not use refined sugar, salt, grains or oils. Raw food is included in every meal with a 1/3 to 2/3 ratio. Add a dessert for a final sweet touch, or kombucha as a healthy drink with your food!

V.I.P. SYSTEM - Every customer is important to us. We are operating at small-scale so that each customer is well cared for. You can customize your meal and feel safe by telling us which food you or your family members cannot eat. Our chef Céline is specialized into special diets and allergies and will make each meal according to your needs. We do not announce the menu in advance because it depends on your preferences, and, of course: the season and the chef's inspiration!

DISCOUNT - By ordering 10 meals in a period of 4 weeks (for example: 2 people 5 times), you get a 100kr discount code for your next order. 20 meals: 200kr discount!

ECO-FRIENDLY - Our containers are made of vegetable starch and can go in your compost bin! You are not polluting the planet and can be proud of it! :)

ORDERS are taken up to the eve of the delivery, by 6 pm.

MORE ABOUT VEGAN MEAL In a vegan meal, we won't use any product from animals, including dairy products, eggs and honey. Dairy products will be replaced by nuts, eggs by rice or chickpea flours and honey by dates or maple sirup.