• A Karma World (map)
  • Niels Jules Gate 39
  • 0257 Oslo
  • Norway

You will learn delicious and healthy recipes that your family will love and that your friends will be impressed of! 

Different techniques, creative associations of ingredients and a mix of lively colors will make your evening unforgettable. After preparing the six different dishes and drinks of our meal, we will share it together in a friendly and cosy atmosphere.

All our recipes are meat, milk, egg, gluten and sugar free. 

Fee: 550,-
Places limited to 8.

To registrer yourself, please pay the class fee to the Norwegian account 2320.16.59558 at least on 25th, October and contact Céline at celine.battedou@hotmail.fr or on facebook to let her know about your registration, to give her your phone details and to ask if you have any questions.


• Vegetables salad with sundried tomatoe sauce
• Toasts of raw knekkebrød with:
• Autumn veggie pâté and sprouts
• Composed green salad, sprouts and their dressing
• Freshmade green juice
• Sugar-free chocolate brownie bites