Again and again sprouts seems to me to be one of the most precious things we have available in our time to enhance our vitality. By eating more sprouts, we can correct several imbalances of our lifestyle and therefore get happier, lighter, and feel better. You just need to try it to feel it!

It is so easy that anyone can do it. Very little space, time and equipment is required. There are several possibilities for you to begin with: some seeds are easier to sprout, while others need very little time. The seeds can be found in organic stores. Even someone with a busy life can incorporate sprouts into his diet.

This course that suits everyone interested in sprouting, health, food and life. Both beginners as well as people that have already started sprouting are welcome to join. There is always something to learn and experience. There will be different sprouts available for tasting. Even if this course is not a food preparation course, you will get a lot of ideas and inspiration about how to use sprouts in your kitchen. You will also learn the whys and hows of sprouting and get explained several techniques you can do at home. You are welcome to ask questions during the course or you can contact me after the course to ask about something you are wondering about.